ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sliding Into Summer

June 1st, 2017 at 2:00am

Here in Western Pennsylvania, “springing” into spring and summer, is not the easiest thing to do, when the average temperature may only be around 50 degrees. However, you must take the days as they are given to you, and work with what you have. This Fashionisto does that, by incorporating fun, bright colors into his wardrobe, while maintaining the light spring feel. It is difficult to use season-appropriate colors, when the temperature makes you think winter is coming. Despite the harvest-colored accent, the white base in this outfit, is extremely important, as it livens the look up, and provides a fluid pop of a season-appropriate color.

The solid white points in this look, are not only well balanced, but also bring a light summer flair. It can be a challenge to look ready for summer, and not be freezing, but this is a great way to do so. The white sneakers prove you no longer have to trek through two feet of snow, the white cap can block out some warmer weather sun, and the white hoodie allows you to showcase any tan or lighter hair, that you may have already acquired. The cap also ties the white base, and the plaid flannel, together perfectly. The simple red embroidery complements the design of the flannel, while not overpowering it.

Many of the articles of clothing shown, are mainly solid. Adding a detailed and bright flannel, like this, captures peoples’ attention. (And what fashion loving person doesn’t want to make a statement, am I right?) It is important to note that the bright-colored clothing is located in the center of the body. This draws attention to the focal point of the look, and provides a well balanced, eye pleasing outfit.

Though it feels like summer weather should be here, the temperatures are still unpredictable, especially on the East Coast. Be prepared for whatever this life throws at you, and slide into the summer months with style.