ALL IN THE DETAILS: Lazy Sundays in NC

May 18th, 2017 at 2:00am

Being in Greensboro, North Carolina has shown me a lot of things. Not only are there a lot of things to do in the area around my school, but the style down here differs greatly from my home. On Sundays, most people have gone home for the weekend and campus is very quiet and empty. The few people that hang around usually spend the weekends showing off their flashiest clothes. However, this Fashionisto decided to be less attention-grabbing, which made him stand out more.

This Fashionisto was seen strolling around campus on a quiet, sunny Sunday. He was not extravagant in his dress, but in fact quite the opposite. He wore a plain long sleeve dark green shirt over plain blue skinny jeans. On his feet, he wore black Toms. He has long hair, which he decided to do a braid-out on the night before, leaving his bright red hair with small waves. As an accessory, he sported a small gold nose ring to match his gold iPhone that never leaves his hand.

Now many may think, what makes this outfit so spectacular? It is plain, so what is so great about it? The fact that it is plain makes it so great. Many people go out of their way to impress people, wearing the most bling or most expensive articles of clothing. Everyone is fascinated with flashy and luxurious, and no one thinks that plain and simple can be fashionable as well. Having simple pieces can make just as great of an outfit as a huge statement piece can. Just because it does not make everyone stop and look does not mean it is any less fashionable. Being in Greensboro has shown me that simple can be everything.