ALL IN THE DETAILS: Denim on Repeat

May 23rd, 2017 at 2:00am

Denim is so hot right now and I am loving it. Who wouldn’t want to wear denim head-to-toe? Count me in! With the many washes and colors of denim is it easy to pair two denim pieces together without looking like Brittany Spears and Justin Timberlake circa 2001.

I love denim because of its versatility. In college, versatility is key as you have to be strategic about the pieces you choose to buy. The college budget is real. Selecting a couple key denim items to add to your wardrobe is a great investment because those pieces will soon become staples in your closet and you will reach for them constantly. Trust me, I could sleep in this denim skirt.

The two denim items I think everyone needs is a denim jacket and a denim skirt. For summer, these pieces will become favorites. Right now I’m loving distressed denim, especially on jackets. A relaxed fit, ripped denim jacket is the ultimate “cool girl” essential. Throw it on over a band T-shirt and you are instantly on trend. So simple, easy, and stylish!

No outfit is complete without shoes, let’s be real. And these shoes cannot go unnoticed. I mean, I drool over these. Studs and block heels are so in right now and they pair perfectly with denim. These shoes could go from day to night with a quick top change. Run to the mall then out to dinner in these and the compliments will keep coming.

Denim is always a good decision. Find a couple denim pieces that you absolutely love and make them a staple in your closet. I guarantee they will become some of your go-to’s.