ALL IN THE DETAILS: Classy Past to Grunge Present

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Classy Past to Grunge Present

What goes around definitely comes back around with this current fashion trend. Walking around campus you’ll find the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, and even ’90s are back! So it’s time to hit the vintage stores and do a little digging through mom’s closet because “backstreet’s back, alright!”

The vintage ’90s grunge movement has never looked better. Combine it with a chic Chanel look and you have the perfect outfit! Simple sweaters are definitely a top item right now. To kick your sweater up a notch you can get innovative with a striped, polka dot, or jean shirt to wear underneath! Oversize jean jackets are a great topper to any outfit, and adding some flare will make it one of a kind. The classic Chanel look back and painted jackets are so in and Fashionistas are getting creative and painting them on themselves!

This Fashionista has brought all aspects of past to present in her own unique style that is amazing. She found the perfect fun-sized vintage Levi’s jean jacket, with an incredible hand painted Chanel skull design on the back to add an extra attribute to the look! Her simple sweater from Forever 21 complements the jacket, but the detail stripe undershirt makes the outfit pop! Not to mention her fashion forward straight leg jeans from Zara are plain and subtle, yet keep the outfit sophisticated and focused on the trendy details. I love her black loafers, which add a touch of voguish ambience to her look allowing the outfit to become perfect to wear to class or an interview! The best touch yet is her addition of modern chic flare with her Chanel sunglasses that go perfectly with the jacket. This look can’t go wrong when the sun is out!

Turning the oldies into new goodies is what I love best. Stay tuned for more of my ideas on the rad new trends of this year!