ALL IN THE DETAILS: Casually Classy

May 16th, 2017 at 2:00am

Sometimes you want to look classy, all while staying casual. Maybe you’re going to a dinner or going to a less formal interview. Dressing for times like these can be extremely hard and confusing, however, this Fashionista completely mastered the look of being classy, yet casual.

She’s seen sporting a loose-fitting, black sweater that has beautiful gold buttons on the sleeves. These buttons turned a simple black sweater into an elegant piece of clothing. She paired the sweater with stunning long gold and ivory colored earrings. The diamond detailing and the gold on her earrings accents the gold on the buttons on her sleeve.

Her light blue nails add a small pop of color but aren’t too distracting since she wore gold rings to tone down the color. Her shoes completely tie together the outfit, with their color matching the sweater perfectly, from the black to the gold buckle. Not only are they incredibly stylish, but very comfortable to walk in as well. To top off the entire look, this Fashionista slung a purse over her shoulder that is a light neutral brown so it matched everything.

This Fashionista was able to pull off a simple, casual, and yet very classy look all by starting off with staple pieces—a black sweater and jeans. She was able to build off by adding various details that added a new level of chicness. To those of you who need some ideas styling plain tops, follow this Fashionista and try adding some details such as long earrings!