ALL IN THE DETAILS: Brown Leather is Key

It is safe to say that accessories and accents can either make or break an outfit. Putting together the perfect ensemble is truly an art form. The key is in adding the right accessories to fit your own personal style and to fit the look of your outfit. Unfortunately, it is easy to overdo it. Having too much going on can be overwhelming and might result in the opposite effect. You’ve got to have an eye for what additions will pull your outfit together and emphasize the right aspects. This Fashionista, fortunately, has got the eye for the art form of accessorizing! Her leather details bring the whole outfit together perfectly. She has mastered this fashion skill and as a result, looks simply amazing.

Let’s first focus on her two outfit bases: the top and bottom. I love off-the-shoulder anything, so the top immediately sparks my interest. The floral pattern in addition to being off-the-shoulder makes this top irresistible and perfect for the beginning of warmer seasons. The jeans are a perfect match. The large rips and cut-off length make the jeans stand out compared to a plain pair. Now let’s move on to the fun part: the details. This Fashionista has chosen a theme of brown leather. She pulls the whole outfit together using a simple choker, a brown leather belt with gold accents, a pair of open toe heels, and a brown leather satchel that also has gold accents. All of her additions work perfectly and transform this look from a plain, summer outfit to a stylish showstopper.