ALL IN THE DETAILS: Brilliant Blavy

May 10th, 2017 at 2:00am

The Midwest typically has bipolar weather, but it’s even worse during the change of the season. By the end of the school year, we find ourselves wearing repeat outfits or pieces out of the laundry we are waiting to take home for the summer (gross but true). And the worst of all, it’s finals week. Even against these odds, this Fashionista was caught rocking a super detailed, charming look.

In my opinion, this outfit is reminiscent of a nautical vibe. Many elements create this seaside-babe look, one of which being her olive rain jacket. I personally love this jacket because it is versatile and easy to throw on. Not only is it chic, it’s also comfy. As we all know the lace-up trend has been, and remains to be, popular in the industry. This Fashionista incorporated it into her look using a simple, white lace-up shirt, which adds more detail. This Fashionista also created a little “blavy” moment with a navy corduroy skirt paired with black booties and a simple choker.

My favorite part of the look is the subtle attention to detail whether it is in the previously mentioned lace-up detailing or the choker. A personal touch she added was the arrangement of rings on either hand that adds some personality. There is also an element of textural details such as the velvet booties, the interesting corduroy texture in the skirt, the silky top, and more.

Overall, this Fashionista created a sense of simplicity mixed with cool details. Although it may be a time of the most confusing weather, taking L’s, and crazy finals, this outfit was a total win.