Denim on Denim

Denim on Denim

Summer is here! I was so excited to get back home to Florida that I decided to take my finals two weeks earlier so I could get home faster. There’s something about Florida’s blue skies that put me in a good mood.

This year, I didn’t sign up for any summer classes but this Fashionista did. This Fashionista is in law school at the University of Florida but you’d never guess that by the way she dresses. Honestly, I’ve always thought law students were pretty boring but she definitely proved me wrong. Not only is this Fashionista studying law but also she’s killing the style game.

This Fashionista wore a vintage Levi denim jacket over a cream-colored crochet crop top. The crochet crop top is perfect for summer weather as it lets some breeze in. She then wore high-waisted light wash shorts and a black belt. The black belt put the outfit together as it added some contrast. As for her shoes, she wore a pair of blush colored heels. Depending on how good you are in walking in heels, I’d suggest to you wear comfortable shoes for a day walking around campus. However, heels are still perfect for a brunch date or a night out.

As for her makeup, she kept it simple with a wing liner, highlight, and a red lipstick. She kept her hair curly which is my favorite and great for summer! With curly hair, you don’t have to worry about it looking bad frizzy as it would with straight hair.

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