6 Summer Hairstyles Perfect for Curly Hair

6 Summer Hairstyles Perfect for Curly Hair

Summers are iconic for colorful outfits and cute trendy hairstyles. Especially with the year we’ve had, everyone is itching to put on their best and make memories to last for a lifetime. But, it sometimes can be hard for curly girls to fully embrace and enjoy our curls during the summer which is why I’m here to help! Since us curly girls want to have fun too, I think I’ve found the perfect solution. I’ve been experimenting, exploring, and noting the top curly hairstyles I’ve seen this summer. So, here are some ways you can enjoy the summer and also enjoy your curls.

Photo: @zariellea

Wash and Go’s

Love your fro just the way it is? Then a wash and go is a perfect style. If you’re anything like me, then you love the look of your curls just being wild and free. All I have to do is scrunch the gel cast out and I’m good for the rest of the week. 

Photo: @iyomihoken

Half Up Half Down

Half up, half down is such a simple but classy look. You can wear it for a casual hangout with your friends or a lovely evening out with family. The looks are endless, and you can even switch it up and braid the front.

Photo: @mariah.love


You can never go wrong with braids, whether it’s your natural hair or braiding hair. It’s such a cute look that not only protects your hair but provides dozens of styles within itself. My favorite style is with a scarf. 

Photo: @makayla.stover


Buns will forever be an all year round hairstyle, no matter how you do it. You can wear them either high or low, and they will look cute no matter what!

Photo: @thejogeorges

High Ponytails/Puffs

High ponytails are another personal favorite of mine. It’s an excellent option for people who have very voluminous hair and just need to cool off!

Photo: @morghannoelle

Butterfly Locs

Have you been styling your curls all spring, and now you need a break?  Locs are another protective style that not only protect your hair, but provide a wide variety of styles so you can switch it up every day of the week.

Whether you’re 3a or 4c or if you’re a mix of multiple, these styles can work for everyone. I hope this list gives you inspiration and helps you step out of your comfort zone and try new styles.

Featured Photo by @morghannoelle