Why I Definitely Made the Right Choice by Going on Birthright

Why I Definitely Made the Right Choice by Going on Birthright

Traveling, especially out of the country, is a special opportunity that not everyone can afford, be it in time, money, or other costs. Recently, I was given a chance to travel to Israel for free through the Birthright Israel program. This program gives young Jewish people a chance to travel to the Holy Land at no monetary cost. This trip lasted for 10 full days, and I was able to see all different parts of Israel including Tiberius, Tel Aviv, Safed, and Jerusalem. Myself and 39 other Jewish Americans aged 18 to 22 went on the adventure of a lifetime. I must say, the 12-hour plane ride there and back was definitely worth it!

Who better to go on birthright with than your friends from birth? So, that’s what I did with four of my closest friends since the womb. I loved having them there and sharing the experience with them. However, the best part of the trip was making all new friends. I met people from all over the East Coast, and I am still in touch with them today. The ice breakers that started those friendships were a little awkward, but after going out at night together we really bonded.

Besides all of the amazing people I met, the places I saw were unbelievable. I am one of the laziest people you will ever meet, but I hiked four mountains, including Masada. The thrill and adventure of the trip were so exciting, I just had to remember to stay hydrated. An added bonus was the plethora of amazing views Israel had to offer. Overlooking Masada, one could see the Dead Sea. I also got to shop at the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv. The stereotypical markets were filled with cute shops, bartering, and the most unique items you could find. We also went to the beach in Tel Aviv, and that was definitely my favorite part of the whole trip. The water was crystal clear with almost white sand. Plus, I got to show off my cute new bathing suit from ASOS.

The whole experience was about trying new things. For example, we slept in the Bedouin Tents one night. It was definitely a culture shock, but it’s also so interesting to see how other people live. We also stayed in a Kibbutz one night. It reminded me a bit of a plantation because it is a collective community primarily based on agriculture. Without seeing and trying all of these new things, I wouldn’t have learned from this trip or made the unforgettable memories that I did.

Israel is an amazing place filled with wonders one could never imagine and the friendliest, nicest people. My entire trip was an adventure I never wanted to end. Unfortunately, it did, but I will be coming back, and for now, I’ll meet up with my friends and make tons of new unforgettable memories

Would you want go on Birthright, a never-ending adventure? Let me know in the comments below!