3 Coachella Fashion Trends You Can Actually Wear in Your Normal Life

Music festival season is like fashion week but in the desert with Rhianna in a full crystal bodysuit designed by Gucci under ripped denim shorts. When Coachella first started becoming more mainstream, the fashion world went insane (hello, flower crowns).

Since then Coachella has had a huge influence on what fashion lovers will be wearing all season. This year the festival goers changed up their taste and ditched the cliches and created new trends that will last more than the three-day weekend.

So whether you are still finding sand in unexpected places or just watched it all go down on your social feed, take the style lessons from Coachella with you by wearing these trends before they go mainstream!

Wild Wild West 

Style influencers brought some serious “Gunsmoke” flair to Coachella this season.

What you need to take on this trend:

1—Wide brimmed hat

(Photo via @camilacoehlo)

2—Large, embellished belt buckles

(Photo via @heyclaire)

3—Cowboy boots

(Photo via @jamienkidd)

Sky High Splits

Music festivals always bring an element of whimsicalness with tons of color and intricate designs of each setting. The trend of full-length skirts with super high splits is just that, an everyday fashion fairytale.

Here’s what you need for this trend:

1—Floral maxi skirt

(Photo via @claurakiehl)

2—Crocheted top

(photo via @desiperkins)

Long Live Retro Style

Branding everywhere, distressed denim, and faded colors the retro look was alive and well this year at Coachella. Bringing forth Aaliyah in Tommy Hilfiger vibes of large logos and branding helping to create the outfit.

Here’s how to be a TBT babe:

1—Retro T-shirt

(photo via @haileybaldwin)

2—Vintage denim

(Photo via @shaymitchell)

How are you making the Coachella memories last? Show us your everyday festival-inspired looks on Instagram by tagging @CFashionista on Instagram!