BEAUTY BAR: What an Intriguing Fellow

I exited the Broadway-Lafayette Street F train subway station feeling somewhat depressed because I had not yet found a suitable subject for a CollegeFashionista post. I was in a diverse melting pot of populace, but nothing stuck out to me or caught my eye. The dull nature of the world around me made me feel melancholy and downhearted. The darkness of boredom had almost completely suffocated my entire being when I noticed 10 small sparkles glinting in the light. Once I had realized that these coruscating heavenly bodies were not astral in nature and were in fact just glistening nails being illuminated by the brilliant sunlight, I knew I had to meet this radiant character. I reached out to shake the hand that these lustrous luminaries were attached to and felt a certain incandescence radiating from this nitid spirit. Like glittering stars twinkling in the gleaming night sky, these fulgent fingers captivated my attention and would not let go.

He wore a black tank top, faded blue jeans, sandy leather sandals, a long gray cardigan, a pair of clear glasses, a silver metal ring, and a large black hat. He also carried a black leather bag. Although the rest of his outfit did not shine as brightly as his phosphorescent digits, his nacreous extremities made up for the rest of his subtle attire. If you would like your ungues to appear as lambent and burnished as those of this young man, consult with your local manicurist to see which treatment is right for you.