BEAUTY BAR: Switch That Do

Hello Fashionistas/os! As the semester winds down and finals begin, we are looking at a well deserved winter break, during which we can enjoy some down time, drink some hot chocolate and even switch up our hair styles! Recently, I switched up my hairdo when I took off over six inches.

Around the same time, this Fashionisto, a good friend of mine, decided to change up his look too. Rocking a teal shirt and black hoodie, this Fashionisto can always be found walking around campus in sun glasses and a pair of Beats headphones around his neck. My favorite aspect of this look would be the black fingerless gloves. They are the best gloves to keep your hands warm in December, while still being able to operate a phone or read through a text book for finals.

Typically carrying a backpack (or two!) he can be seen with a one shoulder pack on that complements his black hoodie very well, but my favorite part of this look would have to be the hair. This Fashionisto, normally brown haired, dyed his hair a neat dirty blonde for a costume. He went as Edward from Full Metal Alchemist, a Japanese manga series.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To get this look, pair a teal shirt with a black hoodie. Look for black fingerless gloves, a must for fall and winter days on campus. Lastly, don’t forget the hair! Try out a new color or length for this winter break. Come back next semester with a bang.