BEAUTY BAR: Suns Out, Buns Out

Finally, the sun is coming out and so is summer fashion! With recent (drastic) changes in weather from 50 to 80 degrees, people have gone from long pants to shorts and dresses by the drop of a hat. It’s important that during these times of high temperatures, you stay as cool as you can.

Especially for women, having your hair sit on your shoulder and even down your back makes you even hotter and dreading the heat. A common hairstyle women (and men too) are going for lately is the half up, half down style. Usually, there are two ways this is worn—a half ponytail or a half bun. The half up, half down look could also be modified to fit either a casual or a fancier event. Here, the half bun is worn with straight hair, typically more casual for most people. To instantly change the look, curl the bottom half for added texture and a more put together, classic look.

The Fashionista here kept her half bun look simple with a colorful romper and a gray knit cardigan. Rompers are always a go-to staple for summer fashion to just be thrown on. Being a full outfit in one piece of clothing, the look just needs to be pulled together with a few accessories. The vibrant coral color calls for summer as the gray balances the brightness to keep it comfy and casual. The neutral colors of her handbag kept matching in check with her cardigan. A neutral handbag is always a closet must-have to match any outfit. The sandals this Fashionista chosen are a nice dark brown, sticking with the neutral colors to keep the attention on the romper. With such a bold color from the romper, it’s key to let that piece be the main focus of the outfit.