BEAUTY BAR: Polished is Everything

May 3rd, 2017 at 2:00am

Combining urban and suburban vibes definitely works, and everyone should take note of it.

In the fashion world, everyone has a thirst for polished perfection. To feel as good as we look is special because it’s you who has that control, nobody else. It’s not always the clothes on our back we can thank for fulfilling our thirst. This Fashionista proves that on top of her urge to look her absolute best day-to-day for class, she wants to feel good too. Her healthy polished long hair and nails show care for her own self love.

The Fashionista’s trick? Putting in the time and effort. Falling in love with her straight hair and prizing her long nails, she tends to always sport this signature look on-campus.  Want to start taking extra good care and time on your nails? Check out Sephora’s Perfect Formula keratin protein treatment for nails, as well as a Botanical Straightening Balm, a hair care product to assist your perfect straight locks.

Looking glam is something that comes naturally to this Fashionista. The monochromatic- uses variations in lightness and saturation of her single green color scheme is one of many tricks to look and feel polished. It shows a good eye for balance and visual appeal rather than color contrast.

The joggers shaded a washed out green/tan has textures ranging from corduroy and cotton. Joggers that have more than one material give it a lot of dimension. I love how they are paired with bold patent leather booties. Fashion should let people stray away from what is expected or the norm.

This Fashionista sticks to what she knows and also is never afraid to experiment. Just know there can always be hidden methods to all appearances.