The Cutest Press On Nails You Need Right Now

Is anyone else obsessed with watching TikTok queen Deanna Giulietti put her press on nails at the last minute on the way to an event? Same. Press-ons make having a cute mani and the perfect nail shape so much easier (and cheaper), than going to a salon for a full acrylic set with a design. Plus, you don’t have to worry about breaking a nail, and you can change them out much easier than replacing a full set. They make the perfect mani quick and easy, as shown by our queen Deanna, who is known for popping them on in the car or even on a flight.

Female owned brands like Olive & June, Chillhouse, and Clutch Nails all inspire empowerment and confidence through perfect manis in every design imaginable. If you’ve been feeling like you could use a mani refresh, or you just need a reason to treat yourself, check out CF’s roundup of the cutest press on nails in every length, shape, design and aesthetic.

Image via Clutch Nails

Abstract Swirl Nails

The little swirls on these nails (Clutch Nails, $10) add the perfect flair to a basic matte nail.

Image via Clutch Nails

Lucky Star Nails

Little stars add a pop of bright white to these pink nails (Clutch Nails, $10), which work with any outfit. 

Image via Olive & June

Wild Bouquet Nails

Buy yourself the flowers … or put them on your nails with these pretty, pink, feminine nails (Olive & June, $10). 

Image via Olive & June

Flower Shower Nails

For a more subtle flower design, try these nails (Olive & June, $10) to make every day feel like spring. 

Image via ohora

Brown Sugar Nails

These press on tortoise nails (ohora, $16) are so chic and their gold foil detailing adds an elevated flair. 

Image via ohora

Dreaming nails

Give your nails (ohora, $16) the vibe of a crystal shop with these glossy, earthy tones. 

Image via Ulta

Tastes Like Strawberries Nails

Calling all Harry stans! These OPI press ons (OPI, $16) in “Tastes like strawberries” are for you. They are cute enough to bring a watermelon sugar high. 

Image via Static Nails

Opalescent French Almond Nails

Keep your nails (Static Nails, $24) looking like Hailey Bieber’s with a twist with these opalescent french tip press ons.

Image via Static Nails

Level Up Almond Nails

These almond shaped nails (Static Nails, $22) feature a range of designs from minimalist french to checkerboard.

Image via Ulta

Creme de Nude Nails

These ombre nails (Glamnetic, $22) are a long coffin shape and are the perfect everyday neutral.

Image via Mani Muse

You’re A Gem Nails

Add a little glimmer to your look with these pink almond nails (Mani Muse, $16) with gold foil detailing.

Image via Mani Muse

Cat’s Meow Nails

These nails (Mani Muse, $16) have a  bold leopard design, perfect for adding some flair to daily looks.

Image via imPRESS

Zodiac Collection Nails

 These adorable nails (imPRESS, $10) are zodiac inspired and have three different designs with blue and gold details.

Image via imPRESS

Stellar Nails

For the perfect sparkle, shop these nails (imPRESS, $10) with silver glitter and rhinestone detailing. 

Image via Chillhouse

Checked Out Nails

These lilac checkerboard nails (Chillhouse, $16) are perfect for adding some pattern to your fingertips.

Image via Chillhouse

Everything Zen Nails

Use your nails as a reminder to chill out with these ying & yang press ons in a peachy shade. 

Featured image via Static Nails. Design by Her Campus Media/Marcello Gamez of Unsplash.