BEAUTY BAR: Ombrow On-Point

As summer fades further and further into fall, the leaves change from green to gold to orange and the trees begin to thin, baring their branches. Normally around this time with cold creeping in is when we don darker colors and layer to our heart (and body temperature’s) content.

Despite reaching for our favorite sweaters and breaking out the brunettes and blacks, this season seems to be switching things up, and following suit with the sycamore and maple—in the form of ombré.

A recent buzz that’s eclipsed the internet has been the ombré brow, or what’s been dubbed as the “Insta”-brow, stemming from its popularity through Instagram (seriously, just search the hashtag and you’ll come up with a myriad of makeup tutorials). Not only does ombré brow match the season’s thinning and changing color of foliage, but it’s caught on just as fast as a pile of burning, autumn leaves.

Where the golden rule of eyebrows is to start dark and work your way out, the ombré brow works in reverse, fading at inner part of the brow. Though this beats the tadpole look (egad, let’s forget that ever happened), the look is still a controversial one which either has people stoutly against or all for it, with not much of a blended opinion in between (no pun intended). Mostly this comes down to mastering the look. For example, this Fashionista I spotted on campus has this fade down to a science and rocked the brow to match her also awesomely ombréd hair.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Though last year’s ombré hair required a salon trip to get the color just the right shade of fade, the ombré brow is a much easier to achieve way to up your look with a DIY. Advice from the fiery-haired Fashionista is to begin by brushing your brows into place. Next, using an angled brush lightly feather in the inner brows with a light shadow a few tones above your color. From there, draw on the shape you want your brows to be and fill ’em in with a brow gel and angled brush. Follow up the contour with concealer to clean up the edges, a literal brush up around. Finally, to keep all in place, optionally top it off with an eyebrow gel, to keep the smear sleek and where you want it.
Now get like a leaf, and, uh, scram to the nearest mirror to try it out for yourself!