BEAUTY BAR: Falling for Halloween

The concept of Halloween changes vastly in college. Trick-or-treating is exchanged with costume anxiety for multiple nights. While some students go straight to the costume shop, others get a little more creative, focusing on the cost-efficient use of clothes in their very own closets and a little bit of makeup magic that can even be used for Christmas fun (just another excuse to dress up!).

This month’s Fashionista did not waste any time fretting over a costume. She chose to go as a deer, finding pieces in her very own closet and putting together her makeup in her surprisingly well-lit dorm bathroom. Her makeup is on-point with a light pink lip, dark, liquid liner and bold brows. The light lip gloss over her lipstick has pink hues, perfect for making any fall, not just your costume, bright and eye catching. It complements her olive skin tone and gives a lighter shade to the colder months. Light lips don’t always work, but this Fashionista here has managed to create a winter look that could last for months (sans deer nose!).

Our Fashionista went on to add a simple deer nose, which you can do by using any liquid liner in your makeup bag. With a bit of white face paint for dots, the look is almost complete in less than fifteen minutes. Here, the eyes do even more of the talking; her winged eyeliner is simple and chic enough to be used as an everyday look. She wears Urban Decay eyeshadow in neutral tones.

The full arched brows of Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins have started a trend that can’t be escaped; with dark hair, this Fashionista only needed a dark brown shade of the Le Sourcil de Chanel.

Her outfit also stands out. Go out as a deer or simply wear the outfit to class or brunch. Our Fashionista of the month wears an off-white low-cut blouse from Urban Outfitters, with a pair of her favorite Joe’s jeans. She finishes the look with a pair of black booties from Madewell. Her subtle, yet just right, accessories include a triangular ring from Anthropologie and an Alex and Ani charm bracelet.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: It’s the season to really re-invent your look, so why not do just that? Head to your local drugstore to completely change up your look in one purchase. This Fashionista is wearing COVERGIRL Outlast Lip Stick in Phantom Pink. If you decide to wear gloss as well, this Fashionista recommends Chapstick before doing so. Even if you aren’t dressing up for Halloween or for the next Holiday party, you can still have the neutral look that stands out in the coldest of months!