Makeup is something that can change an entire outfit. You can do something crazy, or keep it toned down for the daytime. No matter what, there will always be trends and fads when it comes to wearing makeup. However, there are some makeup tricks that never go out of style, like a bold lip.

This Fashionista is dressing is up for the day in a subtly patterned pencil skirt and black pumps, with a little personality added into the blouse that is tied in the front. The focal point, though, is the red lip she is wearing. She has a neutral palette on the eyes and bit of pink blush, but her red lips are hard to miss, especially the way they complement her hair color and the rest of her outfit. The red is bold enough to go with her outfit, but not too bold to be out of her skin tone. Her pale skin with dark brows and orange hair are all in harmony with this shade of red.

As the autumn months are coming to a close and winter sneaks up on us, a bold lip is something that will still be seen on women everywhere. It is easy to do, and always makes a statement.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To get this look, you need a shade of red lipstick that will suite your skin tone, as well as neutral colors on the eyes. Make sure you don’t go crazy on the eyes with such a bold color; you won’t get the same sophisticated effect. Don’t forget a touch of blush to add some more drama to the look.