BEAUTY BAR: All About Them Braids

With Fashion Week coming to an end it’s impossible not to obsess over the trendy new hairstyles that are boldly strutting down the catwalk. Because you know I’m all about them braids (no trouble) quick go-to and to-go styles, it was my calling to write a piece featuring some of these fabulously fierce looks. Golden locks weaved into intricate knots and silky tresses entwined with decorative sections make it inevitable that braids have conquered the fashion industry for the past year, gracefully lacing themselves into a multitude of high-fashion shows.

This Fashionista is rocking four amazing looks: two low braided knots, a high braided half bun, a double Dutch braid, and two loose low braids, all of which were inspired by street looks spotted at Fashion Week that are perfect for transitioning into the cool fall weather. Rolling out of bed and hustling to class can in itself be a struggle, and having quick fixes to help with your bed head could be the key to your signature look this season.

The first look is a fun way to throw your hair up—or in this case, down—into two swift knots paired with braided detailing on the side. If you’re in a rush to get to class and want a unique hairstyle to play up your outfit, this is a great option. The high braided half bun is perfect for a bad hair day; if you ran out of dry shampoo and need a quick fix, you can twist your hair into this stylish updo.

The fall brings along so many seasonal festivities; apple picking, pumpkin carving, and of course, the renowned pumpkin spice latte. It’s the perfect time to layer and accessorize, and what better way than with my personal favorite, the double Dutch braid. This look pulls your hair completely away from your face, showcasing your jewelry and knitted scarves in the best way possible.

The final look is two relaxed loose braids which, just as the double Dutch style, allows your inner Fashionista to shine by leaving your collarbone exposed for chunky scarves and statement necklaces. So go ahead and embrace the changing of seasons by switching up your daily hair routine and try these trendy looks for yourself!