AROUND TOWN: “ShamROCK the Runway” Re-Cap

Sacred Heart University’s ShamROCK the Runway definitely rocked a full house, as predicted. Many attendees were spotted wearing their Greek letters, with a majority of them being KD to support the hostesses of the event. Although similar shirts were spotted in the crowd, everyone added their own personal flare to show their style and it was so rad! All of the features Elizabeth discussed in the pre-post made this show fantastic. From the fun-spirited shamrock theme, to the D.J., dance performance and raffle prizes revealed at the end, it was an exciting atmosphere. I was lucky enough to catch up with an attendee of the show who just happens to be Vice President of Finance for Kappa Delta’s sorority.

Name: Kaitlin Pupa

Role: ShamROCK the Runway Attendee and Vice President of Finance for Kappa Delta

CollegeFashionista: Can you tell us a little bit about your outfit, and how you added unique flare to your standard sorority apparel?

Kaitlin Pupa: I absolutely love statement necklaces so those are my go to pieces to add some fun, decorative detail to every look. The one I am wearing tonight is actually one of my favorites. I thought it added the perfect amount of edge to my outfit, complementing my ShamROCK shirt, dark wash jeans and black suede boots perfectly.

CF: As a sorority E-Board member, I know you had high expectations for the show. Was it everything you hoped it would be?

KP: Of course! ShamROCK The Runway is our major event of the year and I love seeing everyone come together and raise money for a great cause. Prevent Child Abuse of America is one of the four philanthropies that Kappa Delta supports and our chapter really looks forward to putting on this Fashion Show each year. It’s so fulfilling to see the money made go directly to charity.

CF: What was your favorite look on the runway?

KP: Definitely the casual wear category. With spring just around the corner, all of the outfits shown really gave the audience a glimpse of the trends for this upcoming season. Also, the models got to pick out their outfits from a local boutique in Westport, so it was really cool to watch them show off their own personal style.

CF: Who was your favorite couple for the eveningwear section?

KP: There was one couple that matched perfectly- from the color of the dress to the suit and tie her date was wearing. It showed they put a lot of thought into their outfits and they looked great. Also, I think I was swayed by the fact that they are one of the cutest couples on campus here at Sacred Heart University.

Learn More: Feeling like you missed out since you couldn’t attend the show? Don’t! Scroll through pictures provided in this article and be sure to checkout more on the Kappa Delta Sorority Facebook page. You’ll feel like you were sitting in the audience all along.