AROUND TOWN: Peter Leung

April 22nd, 2015 at 2:00am

April 8th was a truly sensational evening for the University of Illinois’ fashion community, all thanks to The Fashion Network’s Spring into Style fashion show. The Fashion Network is a student organization on campus that seeks to promote and showcase modern fashion culture. Their semi-annual fashion show featured many different ensembles from outlets such as Apricot Lane Boutique, Fira Boutique and Ragstock. Situated in a humble bar on campus, fashion-forward students and guests gathered around the runway that featured both male and female looks. The enchanting event was a delight to onlookers and riveting for the up-and-coming fashion enthusiasts, some of whom are already getting ahead in the fashion industry. I met up with The Fashion Network’s head stylist, Peter Leung, to learn more about him and his experience styling the outfits for The Fashion Network.

Name: Peter Leung

Role: Head Stylist

CollegeFashionista: How did you first begin getting into fashion?

Peter Leung: In high school, I thought about what i wanted to be when I grow up, and fashion design was one of the few things that stuck with me. I am inspired by designers such as Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang.

CF: What were some of your favorite trends that were showcased in the show?

PL: I am biased to say that the streetwear looks were my favorite because I styled some of them. I also really liked the hairstyles and makeup that I got to choose for the models. One of the models had orange and blue pastel eye makeup, which went perfectly with her outfit. It was great to see an idea come to life.

CF: What do you keep in mind when styling outfits?

PL: I pick out the outfits first and then think imagine the hairstyle and makeup that goes with the look. I also have predisposed images and looks in my head from pop culture and seeing what celebrities have worn.

CF: What are your future plans in regards to fashion and designing?

PL: I plan on jumpstarting in the fashion industry through fashion advertising. Having done styling at the fashion show, I am thinking about exploring more of that. I definitely plan on developing my craft and designing actual clothing in the future because my dream job would be to become a fashion designer.

CF: Can you say anything about the fashion opportunities you have had because you attend UIUC?

PL: I have to admit that it’s extremely limited here. I felt underwhelmed by the fact that there is no fashion major whether it is in designing or business. It wasn’t until I joined The Fashion Network last semester that I regained confidence in wanting to work in the fashion industry. Students have an interest for fashion here at UIUC, and if they want to pursue a career in it or learn more about it, I would suggest joining TFN and interning at fashion companies.

Learn more: You can check out The Fashion Network on Facebook or follow their blog.