AROUND TOWN: Jesse Raine Littlebird

Remember your old film photographs from when you were a kid? The glossy paper that has those curled edges? The goofy fashion your young self wore? I certainly do! Now, in this digital age it’s hard to find photos on a tangible form. Well have no fear; the answer is with Jesse Raine Littlebird. He will capture and set all of your fashion in the photo time capsule.

Name: Jesse Raine Littlebird

Role: Freelance Photographer and Filmmaker

CollegeFashionista: What got you into photography?

Jesse Raine Littlebird: I actually got started in high school. I would try to go make out with girls in the darkroom. That’s true (joking/not joking). But I started taking it more seriously in college and really seriously in the past five years.

CF: Who is your biggest fashion inspiration?

JRL: It’s going to be bad but actually Kanye West. I guess it’s not really a person in particular; it’s probably just movies or certain characters in movies like a lot of Brad Pitt characters. Ryan Gosling! Ryan Gosling in all of Ryan Gosling’s movies, yeah. His jackets have the look of the bad boy but still approachable. Like “he doesn’t care, but I would have a beer with him!”

CF: What’s an absolute must-have staple in your wardrobe?

JRL: Good shoes. By good shoes, I mean something for every occasion. My favorite pair of shoes are the ones I wear every day: the Vans OTWs.

CF: How does fashion fit in with photography?

JRL: That’s actually a pretty good question because usually I’m the person behind the lens. I’m usually looking at people in front of me that are pretty fashionable and working with wardrobe. I see people pick out a certain style and look. So you get a little influence from the people you shoot. And in what I do, which is street photography you are always looking at different ways people are dressed walking on the streets. And then you start to see a lot of trends.

Learn More: To see more of Jesse’s work, you can check out his blog or his YouTube channel.