Snowy weather is just approaching Boston and layers are an absolute essential.  When it comes to layering, it’s easy to stray into a fashion rut and not know what to do.  Wondering how to stay warm and still look fashionable? Tights are the answer! However, boring black tights are no longer trending—instead, tights with fishnet or lace patterns are on-trend.

This Fashionista tried the trend and stayed toasty warm while showing off her lace details.  In order to get the right effect, the tights should be worn underneath a pair of high-waisted jeans with the tights coming up over the jeans, stopping mid torso. A crop top should be worn to be able to still see the tights peeking through. This Fashionista chose just a simple white crop top. Usually the fishnet and lace tights are worn with ripped jeans, but this Fashionista has managed to spice things up and rock the trend styling tights underneath regular black jeans. To complete the look, she wore an army green bomber jacket.

The colors of the outfit were kept neutral to make the details of the lace tights stand out.  Do you want a fun pop of color? This bold fashionista paired her outfit with embroidered flower heel booties to add a pop of pink and playing on the green in the jacket.

The outfit stands out on its own, so no accessories are necessary. Her hair and makeup are kept simple which make the details in the outfit look effortless. What really drew me in about this outfit is how it looks minimalistic, yet the tights give it the extra oomph. The ’90s style is totally in right now and this stunning outfit coveys some serious 1990s vibes.