April 14th, 2015 at 2:10am

Leggings are to me like Justin Bieber is to everybody’s Spotify Private Session. We all want to watch Netflix in our sweats 24/7, but is it really possible? Yes. You just need to be smart about it. This Fashionista takes the legging trend and makes it practical for everyday use.

The majority of leggings are black and resemble, if not, yoga pants. The reason I try to stay away from them and recommend you do too is because they end up looking like you are in bed watching Netflix. Even though that is where you want to be, you do not want the cute boy in class to know that. Now like I said, you can be sneaky about it! Don’t go pulling out your high heels just yet. With just a few tricks, you’ll have the best of both worlds in no time.

This Fashionista accomplishes the “I hate 9:00 a.m. classes, but I still care about my appearance” look by keeping three things in mind: color, fit and detail.

Let’s start with color. As I mentioned before, the majority of leggings are black, as is most of a New Yorker’s wardrobe. By wearing black, you are giving yourself no opportunity at self expression.This Fashionista chose a dusty green legging. Immediately you are given something to work with. Your mind can go a number of places—the leaves, spring—either way, this Fashionista has already left her mark. The color also adds to the practicality of the legging.

Fit is also crucial when choosing a legging. The detail on the leg highlights this Fashionista’s features. She has also chosen a fit that flatters her body. When a legging clings so tight to your body you want to make sure it is not only the right size, but a fit that works on your shape.

Lastly, these leggings have an awesome zipper detail I have been seeing around lately that I am truly obsessed with. Besides the obvious storage bonus, the zipper detail makes the legging less of a yoga pant and more of a daytime pant that can be worn all day without a second look.

How To: Looking to buy a new pair of leggings, but not sure where to start? Just remember this Fashionista’s rules to success: Color, fit and detail. Good luck!