Finals are upon us and while they no doubt come with a side order of stress, the holiday season is near and that’s a reason to celebrate. What better way to celebrate than through your stylish, everyday outfits? Adding pops of red, blue, green and white is an easy way to spread holiday cheer; wearing your favorite sparkly jewelry doesn’t hurt, either.

This Fashionista knows exactly what I’m talking about. She may be spending hours upon hours studying in her campus’ library, but she wears comfy pieces paired with adorable accessories to stay positive and have fun. Some of her favorite accessories are earrings and lipstick, and she does a great job pulling them off flawlessly. Wearing a shade of lipstick like “Heavy Petting” by MAC plays perfectly with the red of her scarf without being too matchy. Plus, her earrings seem to be an element of a new trend called ear jackets, which she was eager to take part in it.

Furthermore, as the weather becomes chillier, sweaters seem to be more and more appealing, especially to those making long treks through campus. This Fashionista chose a warm, crisp white sweater that has cute stitching with a slight slit on the side. To finish off her accessories, she chose a Michael Kors’ pink faced gold watch, which plays off the pops of red and burgundy already present in her outfit. The smallest of details seem to pull together an outfit the best, especially during the holiday season.

How To: Are you usually hesitant to try a particular shade of lipstick because you’re unsure it will work with your skin color? No worries! Check out a local Sephora, Ulta or MAC store and their expert consultants will help you find the perfect shade.