It wasn’t until fairly recently that I realized my flannel and chambray shirts could be more than just shirts. With the ’90s grunge trend subtly slipping back into our everyday wardrobes, it seems as if now more than ever Fashionistas are keen to wear these button-ups not just as shirts.

Take this Fashionista, for example. She wore a gray T-shirt with a black coat and cuffed jeans. She added a pair of adorable ankle boots, and to tie it all together, she wrapped a trusty flannel shirt around her waist. Doing this added a certain sense of effortless cool to her outfit and proved that button-ups are even more versatile than we already thought.

Even with summer just around the corner, tying a shirt around your waist still makes for a cool and practical look. Try throwing on your favorite T-shirt and black shorts, then securing a classic chambray shirt around your waist.

It’s definitely possible that you already have some amazing button-ups stored away in your closet, but with so many ways to wear them, there’s always room for more. Try out one of these chambray shirts from Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters to add a light summer feel to your ’90s look. You could also try this plaid shirt from Madewell in brighter colors to mimic the look of a flannel. Who knew that your favorite shirt could also be your new favorite accessory?

How To: I’m a fan of layering my button-up shirts over dresses. The shirt defines your waist while still adding that easygoing vibe to your overall look.