May 7th, 2015 at 2:00am

Layering can be a difficult concept to grasp and easily go wrong if not careful. That includes layering clothing and jewelry. When done right it can look amazing! Layering isn’t just for the winter months. That’s right! You can layer at any point of the year. That’s when pulling out your favorite pieces of jewelry comes in handy. Layering your jewelry is a great alternative to clothing and significantly less hot during the warmer months.

This Fashionisto layers his jewelry perfectly. His outfit is pretty simple, the classic jeans and a T-shirt look. His accessories definitely stood out at first glance. There are a copious amount of options for layering your jewelry when the canvas is simplistic. This Fashionisto layered both his necklaces and bracelets. The wooden necklace and stone necklace are perfect pairings. He continues the wooden jewelry down to his bracelets. He adds three wooden bracelets of different shades, which add some dimension. Layered on top of those would be a bracelet with a Hindu scroll that was purchased from a vendor in New York. Last but not least, he keeps it simple with a classic and simple watch. This is layering done right!

How To: Is your outfit a little bland but you’re not sure how to spruce it up? No worries—try layering a couple pieces of jewelry whether it may be necklaces or bracelets. Try layering a couple necklaces of different lengths or sizes to create some dimension. Not into layering necklaces? Try stacking a few bracelets of different shapes, colors and materials. Don’t be afraid to try this trend out; experimenting is the best part of fashion!