ALL IN THE DETAILS: Wonderful Wellies

May 21st, 2015 at 2:00am

It’s said that you learn from your mistakes. After a week of torrential rain and no rain boots, you’d think I would have finally purchased myself a pair, right? Wrong. My horrible time management and organizational skills means I’ve been stuck rocking perpetually soaked Converse for the past few days. Rain boots are a must-have for the Texas spring, and with so many patterns and styles available, you can wear them any way you want. I got major boot envy as soon as I saw this Fashionista’s rain attire, and I love her statement rain boots.

The coolest thing about rain boots has to be their versatility. There are endless cuts, patterns and brands, and you can wear them with anything from skirts to jeans. This Fashionista opted for a grown-up tutu-like skirt with the top layer of tule coming down just below the hem of the actual skirt. The black stripes on her tank top match the skirt, and the top in general is great for rainy days that are still pretty warm. Her light pink sweater keeps with the ballerina theme, and is a feminine touch to the outfit. The Fashionista kept her jewelry simple, with just a few delicate silver rings. This subtle jewelry was a perfect way to keep the attention on the main accessory of the outfit, the boots.

Those bright coral rain boots are impossible to miss, making them a perfect statement piece for a rainy day. Even those Texas floods can’t distract from these beautiful boots. They look super comfortable and easy to walk in as well, which is always a bonus. If these eye-catching boots aren’t really your style, you can always opt for a slightly more subtle color. Another cool style I’ve seen are short rain boots, although I’m not totally sold on their practicality. My personal favorite rain boots are printed boots, since it’s an easy way to add a personal touch to your look.

How To: To spice up your rainy day look, find a pair of knee-high socks that go well with your rain boots. Then, keep the outfit pretty simple with a plain black dress, and dazzle everyone with your adorable boot and sock combination. Plus, attention to your feet can distract from frizzy hair or running makeup, which are often side effects of those rainy days.