ALL IN THE DETAILS: Winter Cropping

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Winter Cropping

Every time we think that warm weather is making a comeback, eight inches of snow decides to fall from the sky, ruining any kind of creative ideas we had for outfits. However, despite the crazy weather we had this day, this Fashionista sported a look that was blizzard beautiful. Wearing all-black can either look totally gloomy or totally chic and trendy. This Fashionista pulled off the second option in a super cute outfit.

Whoever said that crop tops are only for warmer months is wrong! Although you obviously can’t go too crazy when it’s 10 degrees, if you can rock it, you should go for it. This Fashionista kept it tame and daytime appropriate with a longer black crop top and black high-waisted jeans.

Wearing a black peacoat over her all-black ensemble was the perfect way to cover up while still looking fashion-forward. I loved that she kept the jacket open to allow for the crop top to be able to show and to allow all elements of her ensemble to shine.

She finished off with black Dr. Martens, which gave a funky and edgy vibe to her look while still appearing polished. These were a great substitute for a clunky snow boot. Her black and white patterned scarf gave just the right amount of texture and interest to her plain but super cute ensemble. Her simple gold jewelry added to the overall sophistication and allowed the trendy elements, such as the crop top, to really be the main focal point.

How To: It’s still cold where you live, but you want to show a little skin? Go for a longer crop top and wear a heavy jacket on top. That way, you are warm when you’re braving the elements, but you can let your style really shine when indoors.