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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Wine is Always a Good Idea

Who doesn’t like wine? Wine-colored pants that is. This Fashionista’s pleather pants were the first things that drew me into this outfit. They take an otherwise casual look and add an element of style that’s sure to turn heads. Wine is a great color for the fall season. It screams trendy and sophisticated but is still down to carve some pumpkins or jump in a pile of leaves. Pleather is also a great way to deviate from leggings or jeans while still remaining comfortable enough to go to class or grab coffee with friends.

The great thing about these pants is that the hem stops just above the ankle, allowing this Fashionista to show off her ’80s vibes with glitter ankle socks and white Puma sneakers. The rest of this look revolves around her pants, every small detail cohesively giving off subtle complements. I’m a strong believer that less is more so these minimalistic details go a long way in bringing this entire outfit together.

Another thing I immediately noticed about this Fashionista’s look is her statement necklace. It’s perfectly coordinated with her pants but subtle enough to give them center stage. Pairing a statement necklace with another part of your outfit is a great way to match without being over the top. Other aspects of her look, such as her distressed T-shirt, green bralette and rings all work together to add a subtle edge without distracting from her pants.

How To: It’s really easy to replicate this look. All you need to do is find a pair of wine-colored pleather pants (or any color of your choice) and match them with a few subdued pieces like a graphic tee, cardigan or fur vest. For shoes, you can follow the lead of this Fashionista and stick with sneakers or you can give ankle booties a try.