ALL IN THE DETAILS: White Is The New Black

White is the new black—at least for summer 2015. As summer starts setting in over the south, keeping cool becomes a priority. Pants and short start becoming shorter. The fabrics go from wools to cottons and colors change from dark to light. In the case of color, no color is lighter than white. It is no wonder why white is a great trend for summer. The best thing about this color is the fact that is neutral and matches almost with anything. White is easy, breezy and perfect for your closet this summer.

This week’s Fashionisto knows rules are meant to be broken, especially rules like “no white after Labor Day.” As the weather here reaches the upper 80’s, this Fashionisto made sure to stay cool in white. He wore a white T-shirt, which is the simplest way to add white to a casual look. He then added more white with a pair of white socks and white Air Jordan sneakers. To keep it simple, this Fashionisto put it all together with a pair of True Religion jean shorts. This is perfect because he makes sure to keep the cool cotton fabric all throughout the outfit. Jeans shorts are not only cool, but they are also classic to pair with anything white. The red from the sneakers adds a little color detail to this outfit. In addition to the shoes, the Fashionisto wore a gold Nixon watch. This Fashionisto made sure to keep it simple and cool.

How To: Just make sure to keep it simple. White is easy to pair with any color. Wear white as your main outfit—shirt, romper or a dress—and then add color in your details, either through shoes, purses or accessories. Now you’re ready for summer!