ALL IN THE DETAILS: Where's Frank?

February 24th, 2017 at 2:00am

This Fashionista knows that it is all in the details!! The little things in an outfit are what make it unique and are also a huge part of creating a great look.

As a music fanatic and huge Frank Ocean fan myself, this cutie on campus caught my eye! Her big blonde curls, some essential wardrobe must-haves, a bold print coat and T-shirt underneath really made a statement about her friendly and fun personality!

She wears a leopard print coat from Zara, staple black leggings and Nike Air Force 1’s for a simple but very cute look. What makes the outfit so unique is the ‘Wheres FRANK’ T-shirt, which was made by her friend, before Frank Ocean released his two-newest albums (Endless and Blonde). Her friend made a few of these T-shrts for sale, because like most of us, he was wondering when Frank Ocean would come back into the spotlight with new music!

As college students, we can’t go anywhere without a cute bag for our laptop and books, and this Fashionista is no exception! Sporting a tote bag to finish off her look, she without a doubt, knows how important it is to focus on the details of her outfit and of course the details in her textbooks!

Music is a big part of my life, and I can imagine it’s a big part of many of yours as well. It’s a great feeling when you connect with an artist or a song and there’s something being expressed from you to the world, through the music. I get the same feeling from my clothing.

Whether it be; a music inspired T-shirt, leopard print coat, or your favourite pair of jeans; we express our taste through our clothes and that in itself is pretty unique!