ALL IN THE DETAILS: Weirdos On The Loose

March 15th, 2016 at 2:00am

Every time winter ends, my heart gets a little sad because the term “All-Black Everything” starts to mean a little less. Spring is showing its face and trying to sneak in along pastel colors and patterns that should always belong to your grandma’s couch. I am a huge fan of solid colors, and black is definitely my favorite. After long deliberation, I have decided to be in grief mode until next winter when I’ll be able to leave my house wearing all-black without feeling like I collide with the weather.

This Fashionisto that I caught walking around town happens to be one of the most fashionable students at Winona State. Doesn’t matter the season, or the day of the week, this Fashionisto always has a trend to set. This time he showed me (and the rest of the world) that it doesn’t matter that winter is ending, he can pull off an “All-Black Everything” outfit in the spring, and make it look absolutely amazing.

The outfit this Fashionisto put together, which kind of reminded me of Greg Lauren’s fall 2016 menswear collection, has an in to every season. He paired up layers, multiple vintage rings, a sweet pair of high-top Converse and a snapback hat. The layers make the outfit season friendly; as the day goes on and the temperature rises you can take off some of the layers (cut “Hot in Here” by Nelly*). The vintage rings add color to the outfit and a light that nothing but a set of jewelry could add to a fashionable ensemble. The Converse are part of the Chuck Tayor All-Star street collection add a little bit of mistery to the outfit. And, last but not least, the snapback hat spelling “Weirdos” simply screams: AMAZING!

Regardless of my grief because, unlike this awesome Fashionisto, I cannot pull off an “All-Black Everything” outfit in the middle of spring, he is showing us that any outfit can be adapted to the season if you focus on the details. Details will always make your outfits unforgettable.

How To: In order to make an outfit season friendly, make sure you add a cool hat, some jewelry like rings, a statement necklace or a watch, a pair of cool shoes and layers for fall, winter or spring!