ALL IN THE DETAILS: Wedges and Pearls

May 11th, 2015 at 2:00am

There’s a country song from the ’90s that describes the classic investments of an all-American girl: “ribbons and bows,” “heels and pearls.” Some staples never go out of style, but a little modern twist never hurts! This Fashionista kicks Trisha Yearwood’s advice into modern high gear. Heels have become comfortable laced wedges, and traditionally strung pearls have found their place on a simple chain.

The Fashionista builds her look around the perfect spring staple; there’s no need to stray away from bright colors this season! The colorful skirt makes a statement from miles away, with details like pleats and slits keeping it trendy and youthful. Expertly paired with a white ribbed crop top, the skirt creates a great set of proportions. The simple shirt in a classic cut also keeps the outfit from looking too fussy or formal. Perfect for internships, shopping, lunch or a picnic, this look really can handle almost anything.

This Fashionista’s accessory choices bridge the gap between classic and trendy, making them the perfect investment pieces this season. Her laced wedges show off a perfect spring pedicure, and work just as well with this skirt as a plethora of other looks. Paired with a dress, skinny jeans or cropped silk pants, they’d look just as effortless! These might be the season’s must-have footwear.

Because the Fashionista’s orange skirt is so bright, she doesn’t need many accessories. Take a look at her wrist, though, and notice a simple gold chain with feminine pearls. Simple, delicate and classic, the bracelet looks like an heirloom that’s wearable right here, right now. Leave it on for a workout and go un-bothered, then rush off to the evening’s main event without unpacking extra accessories! Invest for yourself, or give the dainty piece as a personalized gift to your favorite Fashionista.

How To: Pair your new investments with colored, soft pants and a plain white T-shirt. This easy formula will get you out the door quickly and looking chic everyday!