Let’s say you are watching a runway show and then, all of sudden, any outfit you like magically appears in your closet. Life would be so easy. There would be no more problems with figuring out what to wear to any occasion. You would be the best dressed to any event, and your friends would live in your closet. But lets snap back to reality because that’s not happening anytime soon. I guess we have to settle for imitating the runway trends as much as we can.

A popular runway trend that was seen for this year is velvet. There was velvet used for dresses, jackets, sweaters and even shoes. Lots of designer integrated into their designs looks with velvet. This includes designers like Donna Karan, Nina Ricci and Tommy Hilfiger. Most of us are college students are on a college budget, so how can we bring the runway to our closets? You can bring small details of a trend into your closet.

This week’s Fashionista did just that with a pair of velvet heeled boots. The great thing about this trend is that is easy to integrate into your look. Our Fashionista paired these boots with a mini bohemian dress with a similar color as the velvet. She kept it simple with a small cross-body bag and short necklaces. This Fashionista managed to add a touch of distinction to this simple outfit because of the color of the velvet shoes. Another thing that added to the look was the juxtaposition between the simple bohemian dress and the loud high heeled shoes. The biggest thing to keep in mind when pulling of a runway trend would be working it and being comfortable in how you incorporate the trend.

How To: Don’t want to overdo the velvet in an outfit? A simple way to add velvet to your look would be in an accessory like a purse or shoes. Add this to a simple, neutral romper in the same color or a contrasting color. You’re ready to go!