If you find yourself struggling to piece together outfits during the transition from easy summer style to attention-grabbing campus wear, turn back to basics. This Fashionista upgrades one of the most foolproof uniforms—a white T-shirt and jeans—with trendy details. The look altogether is classic but exciting, making it a great choice to cause some double-takes while you strut to class.

This Fashionista dressed in casual pieces, yet she stands out because each boasts a modern update. Her distressed Millau top is anything but a plain white T-shirt. The small holes capitalize on the trend that we saw all over our Instagram feeds after Yeezy popularized it in his first collection. This Fashionista paired her T-shirt with ripped LF Furst of a Kind vintage denim shorts, sticking with a distressed theme.

The standout piece of her ensemble is undoubtedly her footwear. Her Jeffrey Campbell booties are the shoes of my dreams. This snakeskin pair host a handful of cool details: silver studs, an exposed zip closure and, my personal favorite, a mirrored cut-out heel. They stray from being overwhelming by sticking to greyscale tones and metallics, making them the perfect touch of polish to the ripped pieces she wears on top.

Avoid trying to slap on too many trends at once. The key is finding basics with an interesting theme that ties them all together. Although this Fashionista’s outfit consists of trendy pieces, she pulls it off thanks to the cohesiveness of a common detail: holes. From the holey T-shirt to the ripped jeans to the cut-out booties, the outfit is harmonious. An outfit with so many details is best kept in a neutral palette, too.

When accessorizing such a look, stick to humble accessories. A Cartier bracelet, necklace and ring are simple finishing touches. Swap out summer’s favorite mirrored sunnies for a more classic set of frames, like this Fashionista’s matte black aviators, and you’ve got yourself a complete look sure to turn heads.