ALL IN THE DETAILS: Unique Baseball Jersey

April 16th, 2015 at 2:00am

After days of rain and cold weather, Mother Nature finally gave us a break with seventy degree weather. It was only right to ditch anything that resembled a jacket. But even with the sunshine and all of the colorful outfits I saw, this Fashionista’s wardrobe stuck out to me the most. I guess because it’s something I would wear. Even in the hottest weather, I would still choose black and white, and women can certainly rock men’s clothing way better.

I can tell staple one-of-a-kind pieces from afar and the black baseball jersey shirt that this Fashionista is wearing is definitely special. The designs are what made me have a double take. Instead of the usual team name patch you would see on a regular baseball jersey, this tee had symbols that I am not familiar with. It’s so unique looking that I assumed it is a limited edition. And when this Fashionista turned around, I just had to stop her and do a feature on CollegeFashionista.

She uses a simple white tee and black harem pants as a canvas to her ensemble. I think it’s important to start with simplicity and a minimalist mindset to an outfit. It is a perfect way to balance a wardrobe especially if there is a specific item of clothing that needs to stand out. Everyone knows the focus is on the baseball jersey but an outfit always has to look put together. She tops off the casual black and white look by wearing the Nike Black and White Dunks. With these classics on her feet and a futuristic baseball jersey, this outfit comes full circle.

How To: Want to make your unique, favorite pieces in your closet stand out? Follow in this Fashionista’s footsteps and just go for a minimalist canvas for your ensemble. You are sure to make heads turn!