ALL IN THE DETAILS: Two Tips That Don't Quit

May 17th, 2017 at 2:00am

Each semester teaches us new things. We advance in our majors & get to know new people. Fashion works the same way, seasons come and go, but each time they do we are met with new trends to try and old fads to let go of. Most things in our lives are always changing like this as well, and so as I am wrapping up my semester as a Style Guru, I decided it was time that I share the two most important style tips I’ve learned over the years. I’ve come to find that when I follow these to the letter, my look never goes wrong, and this Fashionisto seemed to know exactly what I’m talking about: trust your basics, and always wear a little something that makes you feel like you.

This Fashionisto was wearing a casual outfit for walking around campus and studying for finals with friends. He wore a beige, long sleeve, drop tail T-shirt, black skinny jeans, cuffed at the ankle, and a personalized denim jacket. He topped off his look with classic white leather Vans, which popped against the more muted tones in his look an a wide brimmed felt hat. His look was compiled entirely of basics. Even though he went with four different colors, the neutral color palette keep the outfit cohesive, clean. The denim jacket brought the whole look together, and displayed some of his interest. The arm displayed  Star Wars and Ohio patches, while the pins all over the front displayed local bands and a favorite saying. These small details gave his jacket a more lived in feel, which everyone wants in their denim! He made his  everyday style work with current trends by adding a wide brimmed hat. The hat also served as contrast against his outfit as a bold focal point.

It’s easy to fall into the habit is chasing the latest trend. Trusting your basics is a great way to make sure you’re leaving room to add a personal element to all your looks. Basics are also a great canvas to add details like pins that help you feel like you! Looks like these are easy for anyone to create with just a solid-colored pant, a minimal top, and a layering piece. Keep your shoes and accessories as the focal points, let them do the talking for your outfit!

Confidence is always the key to great style and confidence comes easy when you’re wearing the basics from your closet that you know you can depend on to make you look great! Add some of your favorite things around you as accessories  and  you’ve mastered my two tips! These two tips make it practically impossible to not feel good when you walk past a mirror, and always camera ready like this Fashionisto! When it comes to style, feeling good and confident in what you wear is the only thing that matters, so here’s to the two fashion tips that will always keep you feeling confident!