ALL IN THE DETAILS: Trust the Journey

Life is unpredictable. The twists and turns that it takes are often an inevitable part of the ride. The lack of routine intimidates many, yet equally enthuses others. Similarly, anyone can sport the everyday shirt and jeans combination. A true Fashionista, on the other hand, knows how to manage unworn paths. They wear the pieces to their fullest potential. As to how: The answer is all in the little things.

This Fashionista came out on top by garnishing the ensemble with her very own bohemian style. She starts with her ring choices. She pairs a gold knuckle ring with a double-crossed ring on her other hand. Embellished fingers begin to set the tone of the outfit, continued by the three bracelets.

Continuity is no challenge for this Fashionista. Aware of the fun-loving pattern of her shirt, she emphasizes the fabric’s purples and blues by wearing bracelets of similar hues. The sun charm dangling off the first contributes to the bohemian aesthetic.

The sandals are a crucial accessory to the free-spirited theme. Not only do the gold accents on the sandals match the rings on her fingers, but they also highlight the lace-up function. The openness of the shoe allows the visible skin on her foot to show a tattoo saying, “Trust the journey.”

People have two choices when it comes to their own individual journeys. They can either embrace the dynamics of life, or be trampled by them. What makes them Fashionistas is their ability to embrace it in both their way of life and style. Fashionistas embrace their own authenticity fully knowing that no one looks up to a star that does not shine.

How To: Want to cop this Fashionista’s simple, yet individual look? Easy, just focus on the little things. Accessories are key players in defining an outfit’s story. Look for similar rings and beaded bracelets when browsing the jewelry section. Also, keep your eye out for some spunky gladiator sandals!