ALL IN THE DETAILS: Trendy Accessories

Are you unsure of what to wear on these warmer fall days? I know I find myself taking a bit longer to get ready in the mornings due to the uncertainty of the weather. While fall and winter fashion do require more effort, the outfits appear more complete and put together.

This past week in Michigan has been oddly warm as we are quickly approaching December. Layering is always a great tool, and my favorite thing to do, when dressing for days when the temperature consistently fluctuates. Cold weather especially allows (and calls for) layering, so it’s important every Fashionista master this style.

This Fashionista did a great job pulling together the perfect trendy look for this Michigan fall day. Let’s start with these rad patchwork jeans from Topshop: they are so cute! The detailing is definitely an attention grabber. They are the perfect, typical high-waist blue jeans, with a playful twist. She matched them with a pair of classic white Chuck Taylors, which are a staple in any Fashionista’s wardrobe.

Layering takes into effect with her basic tee, flannel and jean jacket. My favorite thing about this outfit is the layering of accessories. The fringing on the bottom of the jacket offers a more distressed, laid-back look.

I absolutely love the layered look for necklaces, and this Fashionista pulled it off effortlessly. Chokers are still very much in, and so are these beautiful crystal necklaces. It’s the small details such as these that can totally complete a look.

Colored hair is a fun way to express yourself and add more spunk to your everyday look. This Fashionista dyed her bottom layer of hair green, adding a pop color and a fun twist to any outfit!