ALL IN THE DETAILS: Transitional Wear

We are going through a transitional period with the weather in New York City. It’s super cold in the morning, but it warms up in the afternoon. This makes it hard for a Fashionista/o to get dressed for class every day. This is where transitional pieces come into play. What are transitional pieces? Transitional pieces are light layers that you wear under or on top of your clothes. The layers are easy to remove throughout the day as the temperature rises. These pieces can be as simple as a pair of tights or a light jacket. This Fashionista I spotted had on the perfect transitional pieces.

This Fashionista wore an olive green parka with leather sleeves. She layered her jacket on top of her black and white knitted sweater. The parka was a great lightweight jacket to layer on top of the heavy sweater. Sticking with the leather trend in her outfit, she added a black leather skater skirt. She accessorized with burgundy tights. The tights are also a great layer for brisk mornings because they are easy to take off. It’s also a way to add color to a monochromatic outfit. Her burgundy boots complemented her outfit. The Fashionista’s cute hairstyle and glasses added personality to her outfit as well.

How To: Want to keep warm in this confusing weather? Add transitional pieces to your outfit. Make sure they aren’t a hassle to remove throughout the day as it gets warm. For Fashionistas, add a light jacket over a sweater or colored tights under your skirt or dress. For Fashionistos, add a denim jacket or a hoodie over a T-shirt or patterned socks to accessorize with your loafers.