ALL IN THE DETAILS: Transitional Trim

Transitioning from the cold weather to spring means finding a balance between layers and staying cool. Sometimes it can be hard to find good pieces that are light enough to wear in the warmer spring weather, but keep you warm enough when the cooler breeze blows through. Having a great thin jacket makes for an excellent transitional piece to be worn in preparation for some warmer spring days.

This Fashionisto shares with us one of his favorite spring layers. It’s a functional, thin navy jacket with great details. The quilted pattern makes it preppy and sophisticated, with a subtle brown trim that outlines the bottom, the cuffs of the sleeves, the pockets, the collar and the zipper.

It’s easily removable as the day heats up and the double zipper makes it a versatile look to be worn more than one way. His leather shoes are perfect for spring weather and can outlast the rain and the mud that often come with nature’s transition from spring to summer. Their faded, worn-in look keep his outfit casual and functional for walking to class or headed to town. The trim of his jacket even ties into the light brown of the shoes, bringing the whole look together.

How To: If you have some great lighter pieces that you’d like to wear, a thin cotton blouse or collared shirt, but you’re worried about the changing weather, throw on a thin quilted jacket. It makes your outfit ready for spring and matches a variety of pieces.