ALL IN THE DETAILS: Too Tan to Turn Down!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Too Tan to Turn Down!

It’s winter in the Midwest, despite all of the confusing changes in temperature. Nevertheless, being in this cold weather, it is almost inevitable to switch your style choices from fun and bright colors, to more dark or dull trends. Not this Fashionisto.

Although the sun may not be as bright these days; this style star still gets his tan on by pairing a tan button down shirt with a pair of classic Levi jeans. The button down shirt is a must have in any stylish guy’s wardrobe. By matching it with dark wash jeans this Fashionisto takes this potentially dressy fit and turns it down to a more casual tone.

My favorite part of this Fashionisto’s outfit is definitely the vintage looking leather jacket. It says, “I can be cool. I can also be comfortable.” This jacket shows off his individuality and sense of style. Since it is winter you may as well look cool and be warm too. Let’s talk shoes. This Fashionisto went with a pair of Timberland’s. A classic work boot gone rogue. The wheat colored Timbs are usually the footwear of choice, but he decided to wear black. They match nicely with his black wrist watch.  A classic move for any man. The combination of tan and black makes this look easy on the eyes and a thumbs up for style. This style is totally interchangeable for a day of classes, or a night at the movies.

With spring on its way, adding colors like beige, blush, or tan to your wardrobe will only benefit you.