The tomboy-chic trend is being widely embraced on campus this season. The humble sweatshirt has been luxed up to cater to the sporty aesthetic. Focused on comfort and topped with a sprinkle of cute accessories, this style is simple yet exciting. Along with the sweatshirt, the baseball hat is making a comeback and taking college campuses by storm. Dad hats, polo caps, duck bills, by any name are the perfect topping for any tomboy-inspired look this season.

How do you make a baseball hat and a sweatshirt with a graphic design printed across the chest look put together, do you ask? Well as you can see by the outfit that this Fashionista is rocking, it is all about balancing masculine and feminine elements. The relaxed fitting cropped sweatshirt in this outfit complements the chic boyfriend jeans. You don’t have to be a tomboy to dress like one. Throwing in a touch of femininity keeps the look controlled and helps to serve your own personal style.

A pivotal element of this outfit is the baseball cap. Looking back on my days in little league softball, I would have never thought those billed hats that adorned our heads would be somewhat of a fashion statement in years to come. This trend is perfect for everything from disguising a bad hair day to supporting your favorite sports team. Other than sports logos, an abundance of emojis, quotes and brand names can be found ornamenting the fronts of the caps.

How To: Nervous about trying out the laid-back tomboy trend for yourself? All you need is a cropped sweatshirt, boyfriend jeans and a baseball hat. Remember to stay true to your own style and make this trend your own.