ALL IN THE DETAILS: Timeless Texture

October 5th, 2015 at 2:00am

When it comes to reeling in the buyer, anyone with retail experience or a degree in consumerism knows to target the senses, especially sight but more importantly, touch. Do you ever wonder why stores place tables with the most luxurious materials (ideally cashmere) directly through the welcoming doors? A hyper-aware shopper realizes when intentionally aimed at, but most with a visually distracted eye and a soft spot for softness fail to resist a fine texture, because texture adds dimensional detail no pattern nor color can replace.

So what drew me to this classic yet casual Fashionisto? Like a table full of the gentlest, cotton T-shirts and some distressed, patched jeans, contrasted texture enhances this everyday look while separating it from the ordinary. Although a monsoon of a day nearly flooded downtown Burlington, this UVM student refused to let Vermont’s cooler side rain on his parade. Preparing for fall, he tucked away the bathing suit and revived his beloved corduroys, which hold constant as a wardrobe staple year after year due to durability and versatility. Not only have we all rocked them year after year since our Oshkosh days, but your siblings, parents, and probably even their parents have as well because let’s face it, they never went out of style.

In contrast to the moody grey cords, the Fashionisto topped off the bottom with a faded, chambray button-up. Although an essential piece, this classic collar is not your typical. Not only does the oversized pocket renew charisma, but the subtle pattern gifts the shirt with geometric appeal. Speaking of geometrics, the fashionisto pulled together the on-the-go outfit with a thrift-store steal. The maroon zip-up’s structure and vintage vibe may throw you back to an old high school varsity jacket, but its quilted comfort sophisticates it just enough to revamp this everyday uniform. While the Nikes cannot take credit as vintage, they certainly reiterate with the rest of the ensemble that “everything old is new again.”

How To: Dare to mix and match textures? While societal consensus prefers to play the safe card when it comes to wearing stripe on floral or denim on denim, take a risk and experiment with various patterns and materials. As long as each piece contrasts the other in color and texture (such as corduroy and chambray), style succeeds while avoiding taboo.