ALL IN THE DETAILS: Through the Looking Glasses

There are so many fabulous details about this Fashionisto’s outfit, it’s hard to pick just one to focus on. Like I told him while he effortlessly struck a pose for the camera, “It all works.” But since we can only talk about one, it’s going to have to be his colored-mirror sunglasses. This is a trend I’ve seen cropping up across social media, in street style photos and in stores. It has me trying to convince myself that owning six pairs of sunglasses is in no way excessive, just so I am able to justify buying a pair to add to my collection.

This Fashionisto’s outfit works on a lot of different levels; it doesn’t try too hard, and you can sense an air of personal style. There’s also a real attention to detail with the tucked in shirt, gold watch and tapered pant. What keeps it from stepping onto the wrong side of quirky, however, are the sunglasses themselves. The color of the lenses bring the various colors of the outfit together and make the outfit feel on trend, rather than just a series of alternative fashion choices. In combination with the comfy sweater and the material of the windbreaker making it feel very ’90s, I would call the outfit retro-chic.

The beauty of mirrored sunglasses is how effortlessly trendy they look while also being incredibly versatile. They go with everything from a breezy romper to a leather jacket. They’re suitable, regardless of season, but with a summer of music festivals ahead, mirrored lenses are a great way to add some edge to an otherwise simple outfit. That way, you can dress to keep cool and look it.

How To: If you’re unsure how to incorporate mirrored sunglasses into your outfit, keep it simple. Pairing colored sunglasses with an otherwise black and white outfit lends a nice burst of color and keeps things from getting too busy.