ALL IN THE DETAILS: Thrifty Hippie Glamour

Thrift shops seem to have become the cool place to shop. If you want to save a few pennies or you’re just looking for some cool vintage leather pants (why are there always so many pairs of leather pants at thrift stores?), thrift shops are the place to go. Around the fashion building on campus I’ve heard people bragging about the treasures they find at thrift shops. Instead of being proud of an expensive bag, people are proud of the bargain they got on a previously expensive bag. I’ve got to admit that when I find a gorgeous dress for three dollars, it’s a thrill. It’s like you’re ripping off the store. Do they know that this Elie Tahari dress is worth way more than six bucks?

Well this Fashionista has pulled off thrifting in the best way. Her green shirt was found in the men’s section, but with the sleeves cuffed and front tied, this shirt looks like it belongs with the dress she’s paired it with. The proportions are great; an oversized shirt is wonderful with a short dress and leggings.

Boho is probably the easiest style to find in thrift stores. Big and colorful is easy to find while you’re thrifting. Urban Dictionary says that boho is just “hippie glamour” and I don’t think I can argue with that. The boho style is so easy and natural in a really great way. This Fashionista is a great example of the boho style with her big headband and easy dress. The boho style has caught fire on the streets and on the runway. Chloé and Isabel Marant have both shown beautiful boho collections these past seasons. Patterns and flowy fabrics were sent up and down their runways, proving that boho is back and here to stay.

How To: Browse your local thrift shop, or stay in the comfort of your own home and browse the world wide web to find easy dresses and beautiful patterns. Try these palazzo pants or this dress.