ALL IN THE DETAILS: These Boots Are Made For Working

Along with the falling temperatures and cooler weather, comes cool style too! This Fashionisto was totally prepared for the cold front with his bomber jacket, thick gray sweater and khakis. The bomber jacket is water resistant, which was perfect for this rainy day. The fleece on the collar not only adds another element of texture but also is a must-have to keep warm for when the wind starts to pick up. I love how the navy blue color of the jacket is lighter than traditional navy, especially because it’s easy to get lost in a sea of black jackets in the city. On a not-so-dreary day, this Fashionisto could have switched up his look and gone with a leather bomber jacket for the same amount of warmth but helping to dress up his overall look. This gray sweater is the perfect garment to wear underneath his stylish jacket, especially with the ribbing around the neckline, since it adds a small textured detail to the outfit. His khaki pants are an obvious choice; not only are they a basic item everyone should have hanging in their closet, but along with the sweater they help to dress up an otherwise casual look!

By wearing all neutrals, it allowed for the main detail of the look to really stand out: his boots. Work-type boots have been seen in men’s fashion for the past few seasons, so I love how these shoes are a new spin on an already established fall favorite. The two-toned laces add a unique touch, and the main color of the boots contrast perfectly with the khaki color of the pants. The sole of the shoe is ribbed, just like the neckline of the sweater, and both add an edgier touch to an overall basic look. This Fashionisto was obviously prepared for the chilly, rainy weather, as seen by the ideal combination of his bomber jacket and work boots!

How To: Seeking to keep warm and dry throughout the fall and winter? Try finding boots that put a new spin on a classic look. Keep your other pieces neutral to really let your shoes stand out and pull together the rest of your ensemble.