ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Trendy Turtleneck

The wonders in London can give you goose bumps quite frequently, whether it’s from seeing a tear jerking performance of Phantom of the Opera in Leicester Square or gaping at the grandeur of Westminster Abbey. However, goose bumps can also emerge from London’s chilly weather, and let me tell you, it’s the kind of cold that gets into your bones.

March may have just begun, but you still need to bundle up when you leave your dorm or you could be a victim of the sniffles the next day, and who wants that? A foolproof way to remain fashion forward without freezing is by wearing a thick turtleneck. This Fashionsta’s textured, white turtleneck is the definition of cozy chic. All Londoners know that a good turtleneck is a style staple and this one is no exception.

She makes the turtleneck stand out with darker pieces throughout her outfit. The cargo green jacket is the perfect contrast to her sweater. It even adds a modest splash of color. On the bottom, she is wearing some panel leggings with horizontal stripe mesh. To top it all off, she is wearing combat boots that match the leggings perfectly.

How To: Have you always wanted to rock the chunky turtleneck, but wondered how to do so without swimming in fabric? No worries! Just look for a fitted cargo jacket and some panel leggings to complement your textured yet trendy turtleneck! Complete the ensemble with some edgy combat boots and a sleek, black manicure.